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viernes, 18 de noviembre de 2016

Conanp announce opening the sanctuary of butterfly Monarch

Since 23 November to 31 March of 2017 will be open the six sanctuary, located in Mexico State and Michoacan state; and invited to the people to follow the codex of responsible tourist.

The general manager of National Commission of Protected Natural Areas, Alejandro Del Mazo Maza, announce that since 23 November to 31 March of 2017, will be open tourism the sanctuary of hibernation the butterfly Monarch, located in the Mexico state and Michoacan state.
The Conanp explain the after long trip of more of 4 kilometers since south of Canada to the forest of state Mexico and state Michoacan, today the Monarch find them to doing fly of recognize in the sanctuaries with goal detect the best place for stay and make colonies of hibernation since the months November to February the next year.
The touristic places open in the Michoacan are: El Rosario y El Asoleadero, in the town Ocampo; Senguio, in Senguio; and Sierra Chincua, in Angangueo.
The sanctuaries open in the state Mexico are: Capulín y Macheros, in the town Donato Guerra; La Mesa, in San José del Rincón; and Piedra Herrada, in San Mateo Almololoa.
The Conanp also invited to the people that will assist the sanctuaries to follow the codex of responsible tourist:
  • Follow the indications of local guides.
  • Follow the trails established during the travel.
  • Not introduce food, drinks alcoholic, objects cutting, weapons, nor pets in the sanctuaries.
  • Not take away plants, animals, mushrooms, neither anything element that is part of forest.
  • Not smoke nor make wood fire. 
  • Respect the limits of access for the watch of the colonies butterflies Monarch.
  • Stay quiet during the stay in the sanctuary.
  • Not use flash for take photograph.
  • Not disturb and not take away butterflies Monarch.
  • Not stay more of 18 minutes inside the sanctuary for give opportunity to other people of life this experience.
Through of website Soy Monarca you can know more about of butterflies Monarch, since their biology to reproduction, habitat and migration; also scientific articles and actions for their conservation.