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lunes, 8 de octubre de 2018

Ecoguerreros Yucatán, alternative tourism to feel nature

When it was established that tourism should have a sustainable vision, the patterns of behavior of service providers and the consumers were modified. For this reason more and more people are searching that their visits contribute to care the natural resources and development of the communities, and the companies promote these standars and offer new experiencies to consumers. 

For example, cooperative social enterprise Ecoguerreros Yucatán was created in 2016 with objective of  contribuite to conserve environment and local culture through offering activities in contact with the nature, in alliance with cooperatives, ejidos and rural organizations. 

Ulyses Huesca Tercero, agricultural engineer and managing director of Ecoguerreros Yucatán, said they don´t offer travel services, they offer experiencies with the nature and the culture.

“We say experiencies the knowledge acquired in the travel. It isn´t a simple trip, it is learning: we talk about conservation, the care of environment, why we prohibit disposables and the handling of garbage that we generate and the benefits to the communities when traveling with us”.

They offer experiences in their camps, expeditions, outdoor sports and courses, seeking that each one of the visitors have a teaching, significant experience, fun and entertainment 

Ulyses Huesca said promote eco-tourism in a place with endangered species is viable for rescue animals as the Pink Flamingo of the Caribbean, the Whale Shark and the Akumal turtles, so "well regulated tourism is an ally for conservation".

For the above mentioned, the places that promotes Ecoguerreros Yucatán must cumply some special features. “The places mustn´t be known, must have a job of caring for the environment, and must be managed by the communities or ejidatarios", said Ulyses Huesca.

Currently, Ecoguerreros Yucatán continues working to offer new experiences and promotions on holidays, on the oficial Facebook page ECOGUERREROS YUCATÁN, and soon on a website, to reach more people in search of alternative tourism.